Daily Archives: Thursday, June 29, 2023

  • Everton Considers Signing Prospective Players

    Among the three clubs of the Premier League that are considering signing James Rodriguez this summer, Everton is one. They have sent intermediaries to discuss the signing possibilities. James is a two times winner in the Champions League and a Columbian international. He left Toffees in 2021 and his present contract in Olympiacos terminated this year in April. Now that he is available it presents a good opportunity for clubs to land him during the window of summer transfer.

    Many experts are not sure how Everton will benefit from adding James to their team. Of course, it would excite the fan base if such a reunion takes place. The Toffees do need creative players in attacking positions. Currently, Abdoulaye Doucoure is one such player who mans an advanced position in the midfield. Of course, when James had started his previous season with the club, it had been in a brilliant style. At that time he had joined Goodison Park with Carlo Ancelotti as manager. (more…)