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  • Everton remarkable Season in Premier League

    Everton was one of the standout clubs of the Premier League in the previous season as the team of Roberto Martinez secured the 5th spot of the top tier English League, finishing with more points than top squads such as: Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester United.

    It was a remarkable season for Roberto Martinez and his squad of players. The previous season also witnessed Martinez making a record breaking run when Everton was able to win 7 consecutive league matches; it was a feat that the English club had not been able to accomplish since 1987.

    Roberto Martinez is hoping that in this new season, his team can continue breaking club records and maintain their charge for the top spots of the Premier League but in their current campaign, it has not been going on as splendid as the previous season.

    Everton has been dropping a large amount of valuable points after drawing against: Sunderland, Swansea City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Leicester City. All of these results have seen Everton having to settle with a place on the 10th spot of the Premier League after 11 league matches.

    According to the Spanish coach of Everton, Martinez stated that the Premier League is getting much more competitive than it was before and it will be very difficult to replicate performances and record breaking achievements of previous seasons.

    “The league is so competitive now that it is rare that you are not going to get into a difficult game, from game to game. Teams are brave, they want to hurt you and they want to make very difficult games. Maybe you could get a couple of fixtures where everything goes your way, maybe when you are at home, but I cannot see a run of seven games now’’ Everton’s Roberto Martinez said.