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  • Everton’s start of the year has been a rough one

    The start of 2016 has not been a good one for Everton as they have consistently been dropping points in the Premier League.

    In all fairness, they have faced a string of difficult opponents in January as they have locked horns with: Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and a Chelsea squad that is slowly reviving, Roberto Martinez and his players had to play these teams all in the opening month of this new year.

    Roberto Martinez has in his squad some of the most promising young players in the entire Premier League with the likes of: John Stones, Ross Barkley and Brendan Galloway.

    Losing against the relegation threatened club Swansea City was not an easy result to take in but that’s what Roberto Martinez experienced as he witnessed his team losing 1-2 against Swansea City on January 24 of 2016 in their own home ground in Goodison Park.

    Even prior to this underwhelming defeat against Swansea City, Everton has been showing struggles with surprising results. Not so long ago, Everton has sustained draws against: Crystal Palace, AFC Bournemouth and Norwich City.
    When you consider all the talent and quality that Roberto Martinez has at his disposal, these kinds of results aren’t the ones that the fans of the club were expecting to see.
    These are a few of the main reasons of why Martinez has been pressured recently. The Spanish manager is even being rumored of getting axed unless positive results start emerging within the upcoming few weeks.

    Tim Howard has not been performing at his best in recent times but the American goal-keeper somehow has still managed to secure a spot in the starting lineup of Roberto Martinez and this is another of the big reasons on why the Spanish coach is being critiqued as he should allow other players to prove their worth and it might be time to cut ties with Tim Howard who is reaching the 37 year old mark.
    Some changes need to happen and they need to be fast or else it might just be the last season of Roberto Martinez as the head coach of Everton.