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  • Martinez Believes Barkley Is Different

    Roberto Martinez believes that Ross Barkley is very different from the other young players around. According to the Everton boss, the 20-year old defender is not someone who will let himself carried away by the fame and money.

    Barkley has recently been given a contract extension by Everton and he has got a big hike in his weekly salary too. He is believed to be getting 50 thousand Pounds per week from this season onwards.

    Normally, when the young players start being paid high, their head get turned very easily. They get deviated from their actual path. It has happened with many youngsters in the past. But, Martinez seems to be quite sure that it’s not going to happen with Barkley.

    Talking to the reporters about Barkley the other day, Martinez said, “I am not worried about him. He knows his priorities pretty well. Yes, he is only 20 and most of the players find it hard to keep their focus on the game at this age especially if they are getting fame, but, Ross is not like the other young boys. He is calm, composed and a family man. He resides with his mother and is leading a balanced life.”

    “Not only temperament wise, Ross is fantastic skill wise too. He is very quick on the pitch and he is blessed with the physical strength as well. There are not too many players in the world that’s got both these qualities.”

    Barkley has been at Everton since the age of 11. He made his debut for the senior team in 2010, but, he used to play only a few matches here and there until the 2012-13 Season. It’s in the last season that he established his place in the starting XI of the toffees.

    The playmaker featured for Everton in more than 30 matches in the league in the 2013-14 Season.