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    The Everton manager David Moyes has said that he will be extremely pleased with Everton finished in the top four at the end of the season, but has said that it will be extremely difficult with the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham competing for the same positions.

    Everton finished in the top four once in the last decade. The 2005-06 season so Everton finish in this position, but they could not make the most out of it by qualifying for the group stages of the Champions league. Instead, they were knocked out in the play-off round itself.

    Since then, the Everton manager has seen the likes of Manchester city and Tottenham gain a strong foothold in the race to finish in the fourth position due to the investment from new owners. Everton have struggled against this competition and have consequently been relegated to the Europa league hold the last few seasons. However, the club are once again back challenging for a spot near the Champions league this time around after they have made a great start to the season. So far, they have already secured 14 points from seven matches played so far, which has put them in the fourth position ahead of both Tottenham and Arsenal.

    “With the quality of the Premier League it is really hard to qualify for the Champions League but I wouldn’t say we can’t do it. It is possible and you have to aim for that. If we fall short and end up in the Europa League then so be it, but in recent years we have been pretty close, finishing sixth, seventh or eighth, so we want to do that at the very least,” said the Everton manager David Moyes after winning the Premier league manager of the month award for a spectacular four weeks.