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  • Roberto Martinez is demanding £10 million from being prematurely sacked

    Roberto Martinez was sacked from Everton on May of 2016 and at this point in time, the Spanish manager still had 3 more years remaining in his contract.

    The 42 year old manager was earning £3.5million per year in charge of the Premier League club and considering that he was removed from his position prematurely, there was a pretty hefty amount of money that Martinez wants to get paid and now Martinez and Everton are in a compensation battle.

    Everton is not a club that is known for splashing out major amounts of cash in signing top players and having to offload around £10 million in settlement to Roberto Martinez is a big blow for the Premier League club that would probably utilize that cash in signing new players and reinforcing the squad.

    An independent hearing is expected to be made in the next few weeks as the legal team of Roberto Martinez is putting pressure to Everton so that the contract of the Spanish manager can be paid off fully as soon as possible.

    One of the factors that might help out Everton is if whether or not there performance terms were written in the contract of Roberto Martinez. When a club signs a new player, on many occasions the wages of that new player is decided partly on what he is able to accomplish. If the club is able to reach a specific stage or round in a big tournament, that player will receive an extra cash injection and the same thing can happen with managers.

    If a manager is able to guide a club to a big tournament or to the finals, semi-finals or anything of this nature then that coach receives a bigger salary or more cash but considering how disastrously Everton performed under the charge of Roberto Martinez in the last season, it might help out the Premier League in relation to the amount of money that the Spanish manager receives if he does indeed win this legal battle that has recently emerged.