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    Everton coach Jimmy Lumsden has said that Everton midfielder Ross Barkley is as good as any player in the centre of midfield.

    The 18-year-old has become the latest player to come through the ranks at Everton. He has managed to overshadow Jack Rodwell, who has suffered a string of hamstring injuries.

    As a result, the spotlight is now on Ross Barkley, who has been linked with a move to Chelsea and Manchester United in the past. Even as he made his senior team debut for Everton, he has been linked with a move to a big Premier league club.

    Everton coach Jimmy Lumsden has said that he is certainly not surprised by the progress young Barkley has made. He has also said that he expects Ross Barkley to be a main feature in the centre of midfield of a big European club in the near future.

    He has been spoken of in the same breath as Wayne Rooney, who left for Manchester United in 2004 for £ 30 million. It was a world record deal for youngster and the Everton coach expects it to be broken once Barkley decides to leave Everton. Jimmy Lumsden has been a coach at Everton for the last 10 years, and he sees Barkley as the best ever from the youth academy.

    “He’s as good as anyone I’ve seen in the middle of the park, and could be anything he wants. He is quiet but the moment he steps on the field he has got the confidence in his ability for all to see. He’s got the touch, the awareness on the ball and the flair. Currently he’s filling out to be a big lad as well which will help him play in the Premier League. The boy had a couple of injuries which held him back but the boy has no worries now. He looks the business,” said Lumsden.