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  • Everton again missed Chance to enter Champions League

    Everton had missed the Champions League qualification just by a whisker last season.

    This season when they started, their main agenda was to make sure that this time they make their way to Europe, but, the spirit of the last season has seemed to be absent so far in their performances.

    Not from any angle are they looking the team which had given the likes of Chelsea and Tottenham a good run for their money just months ago.

    As far as Everton’s current position in the league table is concerned, it’s in the lower half and there’s a real possibility that they might have to stay in that half of the table only if they don’t get their game raised somehow in the New Year.

    If Everton finishes outside top 10, that would be an absolute shame for them especially when one considers what they had done in 2013-14.

    The time has not run out for the Toffees. They have half the season in front of them, but, at the moment, what would be worrying their fans is that they just don’t seem to have the sting in them. They don’t look threatening even when they face a team that, on paper, doesn’t look as strong as them.

    In the last three games, the way the holes have been found by the opposition teams in the midfield and defence of Everton; it’s not a good sign at all.

    The team that is just above Everton in the league table i.e. at the 11th position is Stoke City and the points’ difference between the two sides is 4 which is a big difference.

    So, it’s not that one or two wins would help Everton jump in the table. If they have to go up, they need quite a few wins in a row.