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  • Roberto Martinez was sacked and the search for a new manager begins

    It doesn’t really come as a surprise to hear that Roberto Martinez was sacked from his managerial position in Everton as this season has been a complete disaster for the Spanish coach as he has guided the Premier League club to 13 defeats, 14 draws and only 10 victories in this season.

    Roberto Martinez has gone from pushing Everton to the 5th position of the Premier League in his debut season as the head coach of the English club to experiencing a seriously underwhelming season that has seen Everton being positioned in the bottom spots of the English league which is hugely disappointing, especially taking into consideration that Martinez had vowed to take them to the Champions League.

    For the past few weeks, supporters of Everton have been displaying their desire to see Roberto Martinez being sacked and it was finally done but the next manager that gets appointed with the managerial position at Goodison Park has a huge mountain to climb if he wants to get Everton back on track.

    Throughout the entirety of the season, Everton has been performing at an underwhelming level but this has become even more evident in their recent matches against: Sunderland, Leicester City and Manchester United, all of which they lost.

    The next manager that is appointed has to spark life back into the squad as well as try to keep hold of the key figures of Everton. After such a disastrous season, there are rumors going on claiming that many players want to leave and this is something that the successor of Roberto Martinez wants to avoid happen.

    John Stones and Ross Barkley are some of the highest-rated young figures in the Premier League and they are likely to receive offers from other clubs during the summer transfer window.