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  • Samuel Eto scoring twice on Saturday

    Everton secured three points for only the second consecutive time this season after a 3-1 win over Burnley on Saturday. The win was hugely helped by the two goals from Samuel Eto’o, who also came extremely close to getting hat-trick after hitting the post. The former Chelsea man has not been a regular goalscorer, but his contribution has been immense according to Roberto Martinez. The

    Everton manager claims that the 33-year-old is a gift from God because he has not only been able to contribute on the pitch, but also off it as well.

    Eto’o has been an inspiration to the younger kids at Everton. The club has one of the best youth academies in England and it is thought that the presence of this former Champions League winner will help the club move forward in this area even more. Eto’o is one a few players in the world to have won the competition with three different clubs. He spent only one season at Chelsea before being released from his contract. He joined Everton on a free transfer and his contributions so far suggest that Martinez is likely to offer him another year. Everton moved into the top half of the table after the win over Burnley.

    “To have Samuel Eto’o at our club is like a gift from the footballing gods. His finishing is of the highest calibre but it’s important that we give him the right amount of playing time. I’m really excited to see how he’ll adapt in the 2nd half of the season. His experience and know-how have been important. I hope Samuel can enjoy his football. He’s excited and stimulated to show the fans what he can do. When I look at Samuel every day he comes in with standards wanting more work and is a great example to us all,” said Martinez.