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  • Everton enjoyed a much better season in the previous campaign

    Everton enjoyed a much better season in the previous campaign as they finished at the 5th spot and managed to clinch a spot in the Europa League but things have dramatically changed in the current season as the side of Roberto Martinez have experienced a very inconsistent season but Martinez is certain that this underwhelming season will help his squad in becoming a better team for the years to come.

    The Spanish manager of Everton, Martinez said: “It has been a very strong learning curve. Obviously, we have enjoyed our European experience and we are a completely different team than we were at the beginning of the season. We don’t shy away from the expectations, and it is something that we are going to use in a good way, to become a winning team. I think this season we showed that we are ready to face challenges head-on and we are really excited about the future.”

    Martinez only wants to focus in ending the season strong and try to forget about some of the more disappointing results that his team has sustained in this campaign including the 6-3 defeat that they suffered when playing against Chelsea at the beginning of the season in August of 2014
    Everton will be concluding the season by facing off with Sunderland, West Ham United and lastly Tottenham Hotspurs.

    From there on out Roberto Martinez can begin focusing on different ways to reinforce his squad and avoid going through any further underwhelming seasons and hope to get back into the Europa League in the near future.

    Chelsea, Ipswich Town, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool are the only English clubs that have been able to win the Europa League but Roberto Martinez is hoping that he can mark his name in the history-books by taking Everton to the finals of this European competition and winning it.