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  • Martinez Reckons Barry Is Perfect But Doesn’t Want To Rush Into Signing

    The manager of Everton FC, Roberto Martinez, reckons that Gareth Barry is exactly the kind of playmaker he needs to sign, but, he doesn’t want to rush into anything to get that deal done. He is prepared to wait patiently.

    Barry was originally a player of Manchester City in the last season, but, he had played for Everton on loan and he had performed pretty well there.

    This summer, Barry is a free agent as he has been released by City. Now, Everton wants to secure his services on a permanent basis, but, the veteran midfielder is taking his time to reach any conclusion. He is believed to have been approached by the other clubs as well and he is just looking into the offers at this point of time.

    According to Martinez, he knows that during the World Cup, things tend to get slowed down especially the transfer activities. So, he is not concerned about the Barry situation at all.

    Speaking in one of his interviews recently, the Everton boss said, “During the World Cups, the transfer activities don’t get processed as fast as they usually do. So, I am not bothered at this point of time. Yes, we do want to have Gareth’s services as he is a wonderful player and great human being, but, I am ready to wait.”

    “Each and every person over here including me was very impressed with Gareth’s attitude last season. He is in our plans, but, we will have to see what decision he makes. We would try our best to convince him to spend a few more years at Everton.”

    Barry who is 33 years of age has a huge amount of experience. He has been playing in the premier league since the last one and half decades.