Romelu Lukaku Played for Many Clubs

Romelu Lukaku Played for Many Clubs

RomeluLukaku is only 21 years old but he has already performed in clubs such as: Chelsea, West Bromwich Albion and Everton which is where the Belgian attacker is currently performing in.

A few weeks ago Lukaku stated that he would like to join a big club in the future and these comments have led to rumors involving Lukaku wanting to move out from Everton and join a club that has better chances on lifting major trophies but according to Roberto Martinez, everything that his player said was taken out of context as Lukaku does not want to leave Everton anytime soon.

The main reason on why Lukaku decided to leave Chelsea was due to his lack of playing time as he was mostly just sitting on the sidelines of Stamford Bridge with Jose Mourinho preferring to use other players and Lukaku had to settle being used as a substitute player.

The Belgian player seems to be much happier now playing for Everton as he is a consistent starter of Roberto Martinez and Lukaku has managed to score 7 goals for his team which makes him the highest goal-scorer of Everton at this point in time.

Everton has not only set their sights on finishing in the top 10 spots of the Premier League but they are also competing in the Europa League and in their clash against Young Boys, Lukaku managed to seal a hat-trick which according to Roberto Martinez is how the Belgian expresses the affection and appreciation that he has towards Everton and his fans.

“Rom was delighted to commit himself to Everton. He loves playing for Everton, he showed that today.A footballer needs to be measured by the way he talks on the pitch. Sometimes a microphone can be put in front of you and people dissect what you say and then highlight a word or line.He’s a special footballer who we love seeing developing, and he’s just enjoying being an important player for Everton.” Everton’s Roberto Martinez said after his team defeated Young Boys with a scoreboard of 4-1 on February 19.

It is true that Lukaku wants to join a bigger club but this will only happen if Everton receives a high enough offer for the Belgian forward and for the time being, Lukaku is satisfied being a regular player in the team of Roberto Martinez which is good news for Everton as the English club needs to have a player like him in the squad.

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