Everton manager David Moyes has said that he is only beginning his work at Everton football club. David Moyes is now close to completing 10 years at the helm of Everton.

In order to recognise this incredible achievement, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has said that David Moyes should be presented with the watch that commemorates his 10 years at the club.

Kenny Dalglish has said that David Moyes’ achievement in this era when managers do not last more than a year is simply outstanding. Even better is the fact that David Moyes is only 48 years old. Hence, the Scotsman has said that David Moyes has only begun his work at Everton football club.

During the same period, Liverpool have gone through many managers. They are currently back to Kenny Dalglish. Even though Everton were initially struggling under David Moyes, the Scotsman has settled the club in such a way that they are regularly competing for the European places, despite not having a huge transfer kitty.

Only two managers in the Premier league can boast of a better history than David Moyes – Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. Sir Alex Ferguson has been in charge of Manchester United for 25 years, while Arsene Wenger has been in charge for 15 years.

“In modern management it’s rare for someone to get 10 years at one club. I’ve been lucky to have a good board behind me and good fans. I had to rebuild again after Walter had initially cleared out a lot of the mess. I’ve managed to do that and bring the club back to life again,” David Moyes said in a recent interview.

Everton were qualifying for the European places regularly up until last season, when the arrival of clubs like Manchester City and Tottenham with huge transfer budgets stopped their progress.

Author: isport