Everton Football Club v West Ham

Everton Football Club v West Ham

The Barclays Premier League match between Everton and West Ham is scheduled for the 22nd December at West Ham’s stadium.

Currently Everton are enjoying a reasonably successful season and are sitting just below fourth in the Premier League and looking to cement a place in the Champions League. This will be no easy ride though with the race looking to be as exciting as the title race itself – at time of writing Arsenal, Everton and WBA are all on 27 points just behind Tottenham in 4th, equal on Chelsea with 29.

Looking at the kinds of betting odds that are being offered by the bookmakers, a win for West Ham is priced around 11/4, while an Everton win is priced at 11/8 with a draw at 19/4; so a bet on either club could be worthwhile.

Delving back into previous matches between the two sides is quite revealing. In the 2010/2011 season both of their Premier League matches resulted in draws and in the 2009/2010 season, at Everton the game was drawn 2-2 and at West Ham the game was won by Everton 2-1.

In all the games that they have ever played at West Ham (63 in total) 40% were won by the home club, 36% by Everton, and 24% were drawn. However such long term statistical data is about as meaningless as using past roulette numbers to predict future spins at an online casino (have a look here River Belle’s new football themed games and many sports themed games reviews on the best Canadian casino game – a safe place to be hedging your bets if the super tight race for fourth is not where you feel comfortable investing your money.

Any football match result is to some extent influenced by the fans, and one of the more influential bunches of fans are the Everton ones. If you think that this will have a significant effect on the result of the oncoming match, then a bet on Everton could be a winning one.

Author: isport